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CMY Cube Mini

CMY Cube Mini

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Introducing The Original CMY Cube Mini – an enchanting kaleidoscope of colors nestled within the palm of your hand, providing not just visual delight but a grounding experience that captivates the senses.

The CMY Cubes offer more than just a plaything; they're an avenue for understanding the world through a vivid and diverse spectrum of colors. Created with primary colors Cyan, Magenta & Yellow, these cubes invite exploration, sparking curiosity, and facilitating a unique view of life's vivid tapestry.

With each twist and turn, watch the seemingly basic cyan, magenta, or yellow transform magically, revealing a captivating array of hues. This interactive toy isn't just for children – it's a tool for everyone seeking a moment of sensory grounding and immersive delight. The cube's electromagnetic subtractive materials create a medley of colors that shift and change, providing an ever-evolving visual symphony.

Feel the soothing rhythm of colors dancing before your eyes. Engage with the cube, allowing its ever-changing palette to draw you into a moment of mesmerizing calm. While crafted to entertain, it's also an educational tool that engages the mind, sparking curiosity, and facilitating creative expression.

The cube's miniature size, approximately 30mm, offers portability, allowing you to carry a world of color wherever you go. Experience the wonder of colors and let the CMY Cube Mini become your portable portal to a vibrant and grounding visual adventure.

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