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DIY Squishy Kit - Little Octopus

DIY Squishy Kit - Little Octopus

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Introducing the DIY Squishy Kit - Little Octopus Squishy Maker, crafted to offer more than just creative fun. This delightful kit is a gateway to mindful crafting, providing a gentle pathway to ease anxiety and invite a moment of calm for anyone seeking solace through creativity.

Beyond being a creative outlet, this kit serves as a haven for those navigating challenging moments. With a focus on artful expression, it encourages a gentle journey of self-discovery, offering an opportunity to channel emotions into colorful creations.

Contained within this box are tools for creativity: a blank octopus squishy, 4 3D resin stickers, 6 glitter glue tubes, 6 permanent markers, and over 50 gem stickers and temporary tattoos. Each item is a stepping stone toward a moment of artistic expression and a distraction from the pressures of the day.

This isn't merely a kit; it's a mindful practice. As hands bring the blank squishy to life, the mind relaxes, finding solace in the act of design and decoration. The joy of painting meets the satisfaction of seeing the final, vibrant result.

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