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Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit

Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit

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Experience the Transformative Magic of Flying Wish Paper!

A soulful ritual that elevates celebrations, Flying Wish Paper is more than just a party activity—it's a mindful practice in affirmations. Inscribe your hopes onto the paper, watch them burn, and marvel as they gracefully take flight.

Each kit includes 15 Flying Wish Papers, 5 Wish Platforms, and 1 Pencil, offering moments of intention-setting Packaged in durable, charming pouches, these papers hold the promise of new beginnings, printed on heavy card stock with a high-gloss finish.

As your wishes soar, embrace the power of your aspirations and celebrate the limitless potential within. Join the enchanting world of Flying Wish Paper—a transformative pack that sparks mindfulness and celebrates the joy of hopeful moments.

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