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This Was Meant to Find You : When You Needed It Most

This Was Meant to Find You : When You Needed It Most

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Introducing This Was Meant to Find You: When You Needed It Most by Charlotte Freeman—a heartfelt collection of poetry and prose crafted to embrace and accompany you through life's challenges and transformative moments.

This paperback holds the essence of understanding and empathy, resonating deeply with those navigating healing, transition, or the journey toward self-compassion. It's a companion for those learning to choose themselves a little more each day and extend gentleness throughout their unique paths.

Similar to Freeman's previous impactful work, Everything You’ll Ever Need: You Can Find Within Yourself, this book serves as a balm for the soul, offering sweet, concise messages of encouragement that linger in your heart. Readers have found solace within its pages, often revisiting passages that echo their current situations, allowing its gentle wisdom to unfold gradually.

Filled with beautifully written words that echo experiences of self-worth, healing, and the process of moving forward, this book delicately navigates the intricacies of life, reminding us that healing is a journey, and through trust in the process, brighter days eventually find their way to us.

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