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Mindfulness Care Package

Mindfulness Care Package

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Mindfulness, a powerful practice of being present and aware, offers a myriad of benefits—reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and fostering a sense of overall well-being.

Our Mindfulness Care Package is a gateway to these advantages, serving as a guiding light in your mindfulness journey.

Through carefully selected items, this package encourages a deeper connection with oneself, providing the tools needed to carve out moments of peace and introspection amidst life's chaos. It offers a nurturing space to cultivate mindfulness, promoting relaxation, resilience, and a heightened sense of self-awareness.

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What's in the Box?

Mindfulness in 90 Days Scroll Box

This clever little scroll box will take you on a gentle 90 day journey to help you become more mindful.

Simply turn the wooden dials for daily steps to a more mindful, happy, healthy and less stressful life.

Following these tips will help to focus your attention, as well as improving your ability to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

Over 90 days, you will gently work your way to a consistent practice that can totally transform your life.

Only need this? Get it here: Mindfulness in 90 Days Scroll Box.

Flying Wish Paper

Write your affirmation on this special paper, light it on fire, and watch as it flies into the sky. Such a special way to manifest a dream or solidify your mindset.

Style may vary.

Wooden Rock Balancing Kit

Find balance with each stone and embrace a profound metaphor for life's harmony. This meditative process encourages inner calmness and mental focus.

Size, shape, and color may vary.

Motif Mints

Enjoy the present moment, savoring each breath while refreshing your senses with a hint of mint. Use these moments as a reminder to center yourself and practice mindfulness in everyday moments.

Style may vary.

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Motif Mints.

Kaalmi Calm Strip

Our reusable and residue-free textured sensory sticker is crafted to promote mindfulness. Its soft sand-like texture aims to soothe, offering a gentle touch for moments of clarity.